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Starling wall sculpture for indoors.
The starlings are built onto plywood that I cut with a jigsaw. I then build a three dimensional front wing and body.
This listing is for one starling, please see my other listings for more or contact me if you would like to see if I have any other ones available.
I live in Somerset, not far from the famous starling murmurations on the Avalon Marshes. I also see large flocks of them on the hills where I live, they gather and sing in the trees (very loud!) and feed in the fields before they go down to the levels and roost in the reed beds on the marshes. I have made many different art works based on the starlings, these are the latest.

Shipping and Delivery Details:

shipping from UK, please contact me for estimate


Sizes are from 19 - 25 cm beak to tail and wings are approximately 20 cm long.


plywood, polystyrene, mesh, cement, iridescent glass, glass tile


CAD $410.00


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